Montage - The Answer to Everything!
9th Jan 2018, 7:00 AM
Montage - The Answer to Everything!
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Author Notes:
9th Jan 2018, 7:00 AM

Yes, I am SO doing this and nobody shall stop me! To be clear I really haven't learned my lesson from Stronger Than You and still eagerly intend to do musical pages. Yay! See you Thursday for Do It For Her/Him!

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Serf (Guest)

9th Jan 2018, 7:46 AM

I love that Bonnie actually had her roll it. That is great.

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Allan (Guest)

20th Mar 2019, 9:44 PM

Is it just me is the height difference betwwen Connie and Steven kind of random. Sometimes she is a good bit taller, other times she is around the same height.

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Cliff Robotnik (Guest)

29th Oct 2019, 1:37 PM

i tried reading this in the appropriate adventure time voices for most of the cast, but Bonnie is just too Pearl to hear Bubblegums voice.

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Gabrote42 (Guest)

19th Apr 2021, 3:11 PM

The natural evolution of In the Real Way

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