Meet Mini-Centipeetle!
12th Jul 2017, 8:30 AM
Meet Mini-Centipeetle!
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Author Notes:
12th Jul 2017, 8:30 AM

...I want more Centipeetle. I know we got that second episode with her...but I just want more with her. I wanna hear what her notes said...and know how she produced those off-shoot mini centipeetles in episode one.

Next page will be tomorrow, Thursday!

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Jake the Graverobber (Guest)

12th Jul 2017, 1:07 PM

I want a Centapeetle plush. want one, need one, gotta have one in my life.

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Cliff Robotnik (Guest)

26th Oct 2017, 6:27 AM

....Jakes reminding me of this wizard we had that got turned into a tiny Pixie due to a curse...

He flat out said something to the tune of"no backsies "... No one knew why, and he refused a cure disputed it being available...

And that's how we got Erique the Flying Ninja Evoker. he got massive buffs to stealth, decent flight, a size bases ACROSS buff, and his str was like 4 or something, and could only wield like... Fine sized weapons, but as a Evoker... Well magics not effected by size...

In fact when we got a Wish by saving this Ur-Holy-Symbol for this settings Big Good church, he wished, of all things, his curse become permanent.

Thank god we, and our DM, love shenanigans to the point none of us REALLY wanted him fixed..... Tho we'd threaten it plenty.

And then he got that wizard spell that sets all you physicals to , like, 18 or something, and that human torch spell(which he cast first, as the first one prevents spells from being cast), and unlocked, what he called "Fairy Fireball Mode".

We loved this even more.

.... I had a point, but I lost it.

Oh right, centipeedle becoming a Tiny Munchkin. ;D

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