Bird Person...
4th Jul 2017, 8:30 AM
Bird Person...
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Author Notes:
4th Jul 2017, 8:30 AM

...I had to. I had to call him Bird Person...and that is the end of it. Also Jake is definitely taking very well to the concepts of Shadowrun. Primarily the concepts that let her try and be a mini munchkin.

Gem Poser is so a thing...just ask Rocknaldo.

Next page will be tomorrow, Wednesdsay!

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4th Jul 2017, 9:35 AM

How hard was it to resist making Jake a deep cover operative named Tammy?

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4th Jul 2017, 9:40 AM

Not very since I forgot about her.

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ChaosStar0 (Guest)

4th Jul 2017, 12:53 PM

I don't remember these scenes from this episode. Then again it's been a long time since I watched this episode.

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4th Jul 2017, 1:00 PM

I think these are from Open Book, not Monster Buddies.

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4th Jul 2017, 1:22 PM

Brax is correct, but for the purposes of the chapter, this and the following belong to Monster Buddies.

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Bird Person(Cliff Rob-) (Guest)

26th Oct 2017, 5:28 AM

This amuses Bird Person.

Tho is is never fun to be sent the wrong material on a deadline.

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Gabrote42 (Guest)

15th Apr 2021, 11:51 AM

Well it seems I was wrong. I so hate when something is imbalanced only due to one way to use it by a specific player. But still...

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6th Sep 2021, 4:17 AM

And thus did Stephen acquire a briefcase for his new persona as Birdman: attorney at law.

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