Dawn of War... in Reformed
6th Mar 2018, 8:00 AM
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Dawn of War...

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6th Mar 2018, 8:00 AM

And we return to Sworn to the Sword Thursday! I have honestly NOT played the Dawn of War games, but it LOOKS really cool so I am very curious and considering it.

See you Thursday, like I said!

6th Mar 2018, 8:17 PM

I've never played Dawn of War, but I have played Only War and Dark Heresy. In both cases, I played a Psyker. :p

7th Mar 2018, 6:10 PM


8th Mar 2018, 2:54 AM

Bwahahaha that's brilliant. I've played all the Dawn of War games. First two are great, the third game is... not great, though Solaria is probably the best part. Who doesn't like a giant stompy machine gun wielding battle robot? :D

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