GeM Origins: Betty and Bella 7 in GeM Origins
4th Jun 2017, 2:30 PM
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GeM Origins: Betty and Bella 7

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Author Notes:
30th May 2017, 2:30 PM

And there's China's name! So there you go, China, France, and Japan's players were named for the Totally Spies trio...which if you never caught it, I recommend it. It was a fun series and it's on Netflix.

The main comic resumes tomorrow! Prepare for something crazy.

4th Jun 2017, 4:16 PM

I suddenly want to have a table full of girls being cute and gossiping and having fun . . . and Mac.

4th Jun 2017, 6:38 PM

It's probably come up somewhere or other before, but I can't help but notice that both Bella and Rube (Aangvanced) use the same colored bubbles.

I'm curious if that was deliberate, or a happy accident?

4th Jun 2017, 7:40 PM

Happy accident. Bella was always going to play Lapis. That sort of blue is just perfectly Lapis and happens to be Rube's color too. Were the two to meet, I'd probably have Bella have white background blue rim to tell them apart. But yeah, basically an accident.

5th Jun 2017, 8:30 AM

Please don't ship Rubella. I don't even know what campaign they would make together.

25th Oct 2017, 4:12 PM

A campaign comic featuring that show better play the... Controversy as a constant, unintentional accident.

"It's not supposed to mean that I swear!" "...but it keeps happening man..."

So which f these three have a Grampa named Jerry? :D

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