The Quest: Save Summer! in Ocean Gem
14th May 2017, 8:30 AM
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The Quest: Save Summer!

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Author Notes:
14th May 2017, 8:30 AM

I like making fun of Mayor Dewey. I should do it more often. Mind you he's a very easy target...but low hanging fruit aren't necessarily bad.

Also Happy Mother's Day! Be sure to show your mothers you love them. (Provided you aren't your own mother like Steven which is a very emotionally complicated mess.)

Next page is Monday!

14th May 2017, 8:50 AM

I know that me and Rastaba are emeralds.
Can we find the other 11 gems in the comments?

14th May 2017, 3:24 PM

March so Aquamarine here!

15th May 2017, 5:32 AM

Diamond, April 12th

14th May 2017, 8:50 AM

May 19

14th May 2017, 9:35 AM


14th May 2017, 8:52 AM

July 18

15th May 2017, 4:03 AM

Ruby as well.

14th May 2017, 9:39 AM


14th May 2017, 2:17 PM

I'm a Peridot, too!

26th May 2017, 8:15 PM

Same here!

-RU =)

14th May 2017, 12:09 PM

December 9 Turquoise.

14th May 2017, 10:25 PM

Mentioned on the first comic with the E-May-Rald thing, but I'm a Topaz/Citrine

15th May 2017, 2:34 AM

June but the birthstone keeps seeming to vary.

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