Notes for the Future in Lion 2
17th Jan 2017, 8:30 AM
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Notes for the Future

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Author Notes:
17th Jan 2017, 8:30 AM

Happy Gemuary!

The next page will be uploaded tomorrow!

With this chapter I am experimenting with a few new things. In particular how I express 'actions' such as rolling, note taking and passing. I rather like how this helps to differentiate it. I also wanted to just hint at a few of the other fun things I either did not do or MAY/will do in the future.

This is a parody, and is not endorsed by Cartoon Network, or any of the wonderful people who produce the shows which air on it. This is purely for fun.

17th Jan 2017, 12:52 PM

Please let Stevonnie be a thing. From how far I've watched it happens so rarely.

Besides the fact that IIRC Stevonnie attracts both genders is hilarious

17th Jan 2017, 4:31 PM

Stevonnie WILL most likely happen at some point.

23rd Mar 2017, 4:20 AM

Stevonnie's Passive Charisma score is massive.

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