Field Trip Home... in On The Run
8th Aug 2016, 8:00 AM
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Field Trip Home...

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8th Aug 2016, 8:00 AM

Best answer I had to why they don't just warp there, say it's been inactive so long it requires an actual gem nearby to 'renew' it.

Next comic will be Wednesday

This is a parody, and is not endorsed by Cartoon Network, or the people who make Steven Universe. This is purely for fun.

9th Aug 2016, 8:05 AM

That is quite a valid answer. Some quick logic can really help fill those storytelling holes you need fixed :P

27th Aug 2016, 10:16 AM

Still love how they're all based off adventure time characters.

16th Sep 2016, 2:45 AM

Wow, her mom must if REALLY liked to snack if she named her kid afte them.......

...... Tho that does leave some disturbing implications....

25th Dec 2016, 6:49 AM

Maybe it's a nickname?

18th Jan 2017, 8:53 AM

Maybe Cake's is an establishment? Like a bakery or something. I know of two characters named Cake, though that's their second name rather than given.

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