Should have stopped on his right foot in Bubble Buddies
1st Mar 2016, 8:00 AM
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Should have stopped on his right foot

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Author Notes:
1st Mar 2016, 8:00 AM

This is a parody, and is not endorsed by Cartoon Network, or the people who make Steven Universe. This is purely for fun.

1st Mar 2016, 11:30 AM

Story time!
Tell a story when the terrain was more dangerous to you than the BBEG.

I'll begin with sharing.
We were all demi-gods(Exalted) on our way to a hidden fortress far to the north.
We've managed to ride a boat pretty far up and get off to supply ourselves at the northen-most town available.
We set out from there with food, warm clothes and a donkey (even if I am a demi-god all my equipment is heavy)
long story short, we get a month into our journey across treacherous mountain paths, valleys filled with beasts and even traps laid down by an army that has a head start on us.
But none of this is even a challenge for us, mighty heroes.
But one bad roll, one!
And everyone in the group is almost dying from hypothermia (except the monk who could sustain himself on love, air and rock'n'roll)
We were grop darn demi-gods and we were being foiled by the weather...
We eventually managed to contact a weather spirit to help us, we got to rest at it's sanctum and it blessed us, so we would be a little hardier.
We had a lot of mishpas in our travels up north, and some day I might share more of them.
Like the tale of Ragnar the She-donkey.

1st Mar 2016, 4:21 PM

Could be worse. It could be booze themed.

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